The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars is a Grammy award winning group composed of singer-songwriters Joy Williams and John Paul White who make Musical Magic! Their debut studio album 'Barton Hollow' is out now.
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The Civil Wars Official Site 

Well that’s it then

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idk if you’re looking for a new duo to obsess over hudson taylor have kinda filled that spot for me

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I am still waiting for a new the civil wars song to be honest

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do you ever just think about the fact that john paul and joy aren’t speaking and cry

posted 8 months ago11/1/2014 • 25 notes

Hi! I'm Eliana and I'm a new huge fan of TCW <3 But I keep seeing everywhere ont he internet that the band might have "broken up"... Can you please tell me what happened or what's happening? :'( I don't want them to end.. :'(

They haven’t ever announced officially whether they’re split, but they cancelled their tour and aren’t speaking to each other so it would seem they are over :( 

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favourite song from the new album? (mine are Eavsedrop and I Had Me A Girl and Devils Backbone :))


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The Civil Wars “From This Valley” Official lyric music video

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Listening to The Civil Wars new album stream and crying my eyes out, how about you?

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Here’s the “Same Old, Same Old” video for the one’s who can’t view it on the Vh1 page. It kinda messes up at the beginning, so, sorry for that. Hopefully a better version will be uploaded soon.

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